Day after Thanksgiving: Black Friday

Black Friday for retail is the day to jump ahead of debts and turn a profit. Small businesses don’t have the capital for big advertising and  huge sales of 50 percent off.  We open as a regular day hoping our loyal customers will stop by for the unique things and the personal touch small business brings to you. We are the cornerstone of your neighborhood and community. Whether you live near or far you help to build on that.

On some years Thanksgiving lands a week earlier in November which gives us more shopping days for Christmas and Hanukkah . This year it is not the case and with our warm California weather it hasn’t felt like fall at all. Finally this week we see the Amber tress changing and leaves blowing on the ground. The surf is up and the beaches are cold. We wait until this day to begin these Christian and Jewish holidays of gift giving. Parties are planned, booze is flowing, decorations are emerging, candles are burning, gifts are exchanged, new and old friends are embraced, and love is being made.

Yes we enjoy this time of year in bringing out the holidays to you. We take our time to savoir it all, count our blessings and give thanks to all our customers and friends. We work hard, searching and spending long hours and money to bring in the items you want and expect. Black Friday for us, a small business, is about bringing happiness, joy and festivities to our patrons and friends while receiving the support from you. We enjoy sharing and being part of  your shopping days. 

Whether it be these holidays, birthdays, anniversary’s, or just because, you are Hot Stuff for stopping in to see us!

So from our small business to you, Happy Shopping!!!!!!